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Name: Beyond?

Author: Andur

Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mature, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life and Supernatural

Location: Royal Road

Comment: This one is quite detailed. It’s been going on for a while now before I read it. I was interested in the concept. It’s quite interesting. But of course, this one is aimed towards mature young adults so readers be warned.

Links: http://royalroadl.com/fiction/2850

Chapter 5: Corpses Gather upon a Sea of Blood

Chapter 5 Corpses gather upon a sea of blood

After I left the room, I directly left the hallway and hardly have I set foot in the stairs did I spot more undead corpses rotting with their blood spread out. Looking back to where I defeated that last bunch, I see I dealt with them properly.

In other words…

“This group was attracted by the battle or either gathered here after the battle in search of prey…”

I observed this group to see if any retained enough of their minds to join me.

“…………………………………….None in this batch it seems….”

After observing them for a while, I concluded so.

The undead here are just aimlessly wandering around.

Unsheathing my sword, I took a step forward.

“Well then, I’ll put an end to your meaningless existences here.”

And leapt up high.

I raised my sword overhead and slashed at the undead in front of me as I landed.

Blood sprayed as his body was split in half.

As his body fell to the ground, I readied my stance and cut the two undead near me in half as well.

Aware of my presence, the remaining undead rushed at me.

I cut down the undead that were closest to me then jumped back to widen the distance.

I spun around mid flight to cut down the ones near me or got in my way.

I landed smoothly and readied my stance once more preparing myself for them to rush at me.

And they did.

“Child’s play… If they attacked me in formation instead of blindly rushing at me individually they might stand a better chance…”

I muttered as I cut them down one by one.


After half an hour, the undead gathered here joined the corpses of the ones I cut down earlier.

“Although my body feels no fatigue, it’s still rather tiring to butcher corpses.”

Glancing at my sword and clothes stained in blood.

The corpses of the dead were scattered all over.

Still, I remain composed as I look over their rotting flesh.

I suppose it’s natural since I’m the same and after the events of my death.

“Hmm… I shouldn’t be hesitating here. It’s time to move.”

Taking a final glance at the scattered corpses, I left area.


While exploring the mansion, I encountered separate groups of undead. I dealt with them easily enough.

At most, it would be a small group of 4-5.

But I haven’t encountered anyone capable of understanding speech.

“I’ve yet to encounter anyone similar to Giraus.”

I’ve been searching for close to an hour.

“Well, it’s still too early to judge things. I should continue my search.”

Placing my sword on my waist, prepared for battle at any moment.

As I ventured forth further…

“Someone save me!”

I heard a scream in a far-off distance.

“A voice? Looks like I finally found someone.”

I immediately began running towards the sound of the voice.

After a few minutes, I reached the area where the voice was coming from.

I entered a wide room filled with crates.

I saw spilled food and wine scattered about as numerous tall shelves were arranged at the side and middle of the room.

Further on the side of the room was a door.

There was a glass window at the top showing a face.

It was a girl with violet hair.

At the moment she looked frantic.

“Someone please save me!”

She begged.

In front of that door, several undead hordes were gathering trying to get in.

Drawing my sword, I prepared for battle.

I rushed forward and beheaded one of them.

The undead halted and began to turn around to my direction.

Like before, I cut down a 2 more before retreating slightly.

Taking a look at their numbers, there were about a dozen.

In this small room, I’m at a disadvantage.

It’s best to retreat near the door and eliminate them slowly.

I slowly retreated while defending as I swung my sword. Cutting them down as they rushed towards me.

I took aim at their head, legs, and their arms.

I severed five more this way reducing their numbers significantly.

Only seven more remain.

I swung my sword beheading one more as I jumped back to create more distance.


Ahead of the rest, two were slightly ahead and rushed.

Pushing the other four back.

I moved forward and split them in to.

I sliced their heads in two, finishing them off.


The remaining undead managed to get back up and rushed at me.

As one lunged forward, I dodged to the left and slashed the one that rushed then cut down the one nearest to me as I completed my slash.


Taking advantage of the slow reactions speed of the undead, I swiftly moved between them and cut down the other two in a spin.


As the last undead collapsed, I let out a sigh of relief.

I glanced at my surroundings and after ensuring no more enemies remained, I went ahead to open the door.


I can’t open the door.

It may be stuck.

I gripped my sword then cut the door in two.


The girl let out a small cry.

“Sorry, are you alright?”

I apologized as I lent her my hand.

“It’s fine. Thanks for saving me.”

She said as she took my hand.

“I’m Viola, thank you for saving me.”

The violet-haired girl thanked me as she introduced herself.

Chapter 4: A Tedious Task

Chapter 4 A Tedious Task

At present, Giraus and I were seated facing each other in a round wooden table with a simple red cloth over it. Giraus mentioned that it was not safe to converse in that area as more undead hordes would soon flock to that place drawn to the battle.

I agreed and now we’re here.

Giraus cleared his throat and then began to speak slowly in his musky aged voice.

“First of all, I will explain what Cursed Areas are. To begin with, Cursed Areas aren’t rare and although they only form in a few areas, they usually don’t expand in range. Cursed Areas are the so called dungeons where undead form and generally, any place where the undead gather can be considered as Cursed Areas as undead are manifestations of the negative emotions of humans.”

“Negative emotions?”

Slightly perplexed, I asked.

Giraus nodded.

“Indeed, negative emotions are things like hatred, sorrow, despair, and malice. The undead rise when these scattered emotions gather up together to become a far more stable existence. And as Cursed Areas are formed through negative emotions, the gathered undead eventually form one when they congregate in one area.”

“I see, gathered together…”

Giraus waited for a few moments as I organized what I just heard.

“Cursed Areas are usually extremely dangerous and the area is corrupted with waters being poisoned and the trees dying. There isn’t any safe haven usually but considering our situation, this entire place could be considered as a safe haven for us.”


Just before we met, I was attacked by the undead.

“The undead that attacked you were mindless beings that retained a fragment of their minds and generally attack anything human or similar. If they had encountered me, they wouldn’t even bother. The undead you defeated are merely weaklings as the wills of those undead previously in their lives was too feeble.”


“Indeed, there is a classification amongst the undead ranks. They are divided by their willpower when they were alive, the condition of their body, and the mass of negative emotions that propel them. Willpower determines how much of their memories and mind do they retain. People with strong willpower like you and I retain majority if not all of our memories and our minds are not affected at all.”

“Interesting… So there may be others who retained their minds.”

“True, but whether they help you or not depends on what they wish for and how much of their minds they retain. As for the condition of their bodies… Well, that’s simple enough. It depends on how much of their bodies have decayed. Or how many limbs they still have. Though the undead feel no pain, that’s a hindrance to some since it means our bodies can be destroyed without us feeling a thing.”

“I believe that applies to me. If my arm gets severed, I’m afraid I won’t even be able to feel it.”

“That may be so, but in exchange, you possess a body capable of unleashing your full strength without feeling pain or fatigue. A body of a perfect soldier capable of battling for eternity.”

“From your words, that means I can exist forever.”

“That depends on whether or not that body rots. Well, I’m certain I won’t last very long. I’ll eventually rot.”

“It may be your fortune that you won’t stay long here then.”

“Apparently not, but I may stay here as a spirit. But that won’t happen.”


“Evil spirits remain in this world due to their regrets or strong emotions that chain them to this world.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that both you and I would remain here then eternally?”

“That doesn’t apply to me, though it may apply to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly as I’ve said. When a person dies, his spirit will remain for several days until that person moves on after his death and accepts it. He will soon disappear from this world after he realizes and accepts his fate. I’ve died quite recently. It’s only natural that I remain for a slightly longer time. But you on the other hand, have remained here for years. It will be far difficult for you to leave.”


He’s correct. I have remained here. Trapped after my death due to my regret and hatred as I refused to accept my fate.

“Fear not though. Since you’ve retained your mind, you can still see reason. I believe with enough time, you may soon accept your fate, and pass on. This is related to how much negative emotions empower you. The undead possess negative emotions possess certain powers that give them great abilities. That fuels them the power to remain in this world. You and I should also possess certain abilities but mine is quite feeble.”

“Then I suppose you’ll fade away soon enough.”

“Indeed, though you may soon follow.”


“You’ve remained in this world for far too long. For the undead to exist, they must possess negative emotions and the longer they exist, the more their negative emotions wane until they cease to move. Your negative emotions are quite feeble now.”

I see. Then the years I’ve spent here trapped would soon end.

“Though, you would have to continually use your powers to do so.”

“My powers?”

“Yes, a Cursed Area is a special area for the undead. Our negative emotions aren’t decreasing whatsoever in this area. Therefore, we need to continue to use our powers. As for what our powers may be, we need to find them out.”

“One last question then. If an undead is defeated and destroyed, what happens to them?”

Giraus smiled.

“I see that your curious nature has yet to change. Very well, when an undead is destroyed, their negative emotions are scattered and absorbed by the Heart.”


“Yes, that is where all the negative emotions fueling this Cursed Area is coming from. To sever it would spell the end of this curse. As well as the eventual end to the continued existence of all the undead present.”

I closed my eyes and began to organize my thoughts.

Giraus kept his silence while I do so.

After some time, Giraus asked.

“Since you know of this, what do wish to do?”

Opening my eyes, I stated my intentions.

“There is no need to wait for everything to end. I will put an end to it myself.

The only reason I suffered this kind of fate is because I decided to simply accept my fate and move on, only for it to end tragically.

Rather than simply accept my fate, it would be far better for me to oppose it.

Giraus smiled lightly.

“If so, then it would be in your best interest to seek out companions to aid you. In this wretched place, others with thoughts of vengeance may aid you in its destruction. Beware the dangers that lurks as there are those who will oppose you.”

“Well then, will you join me?”

Taken back slightly, Giraus smiled sadly.

“A tempting offer… But I must decline. I’ve already betrayed your trust before. It would be shameless of me to join you once more.”

“I see, very well. I will leave now.”

I thanked him once more and stood up.

Gripping my sword, I headed outside to do what I must.

Chapter 3: Nostalgia

Chapter 3 Nostalgia

“Giraus, what are you doing here?”

I asked the pale-faced priest.

“The same reason as you. A cursed being wandering these dreary halls. Though, you fare better than I as you retained your previous appearance.”

His pale skin did not betray showing his wry smile.

“I suppose so. Then there should be no reason for you to call me ‘Your Highness’ correct?”

I answered back.

Still smiling, he replied.

“True, but I suppose old habits die hard. After all, I’ve been with you for so long. Never would I have dreamed the Wronged Prince to meet his end here. And after all these long years, for us to cross paths once more…”

I heard a sad tone in his voice.

“Wronged Prince?”

“Indeed, that’s what they call you. A year after you left, the truth came out and the villain was punished.”

Hearing that, I gave a long sigh.

“Merely a year? I thought that man would have hidden the truth forever. But I guess some secrets are meant to be heard.”

Giraus laughed a bit.

That archaic and aged voice is really unnatural.

“That would have been so until a certain knight learned the truth. In the end, I suppose only he was truly loyal to you…”

“Knight? So he really did become a knight… I guess I should be content to know someone was loyal to me up until the very end. Regardless, that should explain a bit as to why you are here.”

“As expected of you, Your Highness. It appears that your wits have not been dulled the slightest. “

“Enough with that.”

I said dismissively.

“As you concluded, a search was carried out to find you. But as you expect, they all failed. Were you always here?”

He asked me inquiringly.

“Indeed, I arrived here some months after exile. And likewise the same as all who perished here, I was killed by that madman.”

I said with indifference.

After all the years I’ve spent here, I’ve already accepted my death.

“Is that so… So it was all for naught in the end.”

He muttered.

“That aside, this mansion has become a Cursed Area hasn’t it?”

“It has.”

“Then, is there some method to end it?”

Giraus expressed some surprise over my words.

“You wish to end it? Well it is possible… However, there is a price.”

“A price?”

“Yes, if you end the curse, you will return to being a spirit once more.”

“That’s all? Then tell me how to end it.”

I replied immediately.

“You don’t fear that happening? As cursed beings, our existence here is continued by the Curse that lies in this mansion. If it ends, so too will we. Regardless of where you are, so long as the Cursed Area remains, you can continue to exist. Perhaps eternally.”

Existing eternally? That sounds enticing… However,

“I have no need for that. This cursed existence, it’s worse than dying. Rather, it can’t be called living at all.”

I’ve already accepted my end. I have no desire to continue my existence.

“Are you certain? You can even see your sister and parents.”

He said trying to appeal to me.

“I absolutely refuse. Even if those sent to find me succeed, I refuse to return. I’ve already seen through their true colors. I no longer have any desire to see them.”

I said my words strongly.

“Is that so…”

“Indeed, their worrying is naught more than lies. I have no wish to part of their pathetic games anymore. Regardless of whether I lived or died, I will never return.”

I clearly voice out my honest thoughts.

After all,

They betrayed me.

“Very well… If that is how you feel, I won’t try to convince you.”

He cleared his voice.

“I will tell everything I know about Cursed Areas.”